The Queens College Journalism minor

Students receiving a minor in the Queens College journalism program get a rigorous education in the profession’s core skills of writing, reporting, and critical thinking, with an emphasis on truth, accuracy, and fairness. Students will focus on journalistic practice – on reporting – and will use modern technologies, including smart phones, to gather and disseminate news across a range of media. Students train by traveling across the campus of Queens College and the borough of Queens to search for stories of interest and import. They will also boost their media literacy, a vital 21st-century skill.

Faculty members are veteran reporters active in the profession, in newspapers, magazines, radio, television, or digital media. The program is committed to enhancing the profession’s diversity and ethical standards. Our main job is to train students to practice excellent journalism and to understand its importance in the nation’s constitutional order.

Journalism minors are required to take 18 credits, 12 in required courses and 6 in elective courses. (No major program is available.)

Required courses are:

  • Journalism 100: Beat The Press – Questioning The Media
  • Journalism 101W: Introduction To News Reporting
  • Journalism 200W: Reporting From The Field
  • Journalism 201: Digital Journalism

Elective courses include:

  • Journalism 202: Visual Storytelling
  • Journalism 265: Special Topics in Journalism (including reporting in the fields of business, sports, arts, or politics)
  • Journalism 300: Internship
  • Journalism 304: Critical Issues In Journalism
  • Journalism 310: Specialized Reporting (including for magazines and long-form journalism)

At least 3 elective credits must come in a journalism course. Other non-journalism courses may be used for 3 additional elective credits, including:


  • Economics 224: American Economic History Since 1914
  • Economics 246: Urban Economics



  • English 210W: Introduction To Creative Writing
  • English 211W: Introduction To Writing Nonfiction



  • History 266: Contemporary History
  • History 275: Business In American Life
  • History 288: U.S. Legal History
  • History 341: American Constitutional History Since 1865


Media Studies

  • Media Studies 242: Introduction To Video – Studio
  • Media Studies 256: Media Censorship


Political Science

  • Political Science 217: Decision-Making In The White House
  • Media Studies 220: Politics And The Media



  • Sociology 218: Mass Communication And Popular Culture

Urban Studies

  • Urban Studies 101: Urban Poverty & Affluence
  • Urban Studies 105: Urban Politics
  • Urban Studies 108: New York City Politics
  • Urban Studies 207: Development Of The American City
  • Urban Studies 221: Making Public Policy
  • Urban Studies 265: Special Topics In Urban Studies


The Journalism Program office is in Powdermaker Hall 251 (near the Urban Studies office). The office phone number is 718-997-2995. The program director is Gavin McCormick, Powdermaker Hall 251A, 718-997-2993.

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